mens association events

2019 Elks 1187 Men’s Association Tournaments

May 1 Opening Stag

May 4 Early Bird (2 person scramble)

May 25 4-Person scramble (bh golf association)

June Old Pal/Ralph Stork Match Play

June 21, 22 Member-Guest

July 6 Firecracker (4 person Scramble)

July 27 Elks Open (BH Golf Association)

Aug 10, 11 Club Championship (stroke play)

Aug 31 Labor Day Scramble (ABCD scramble)

Sept 14 One Person Scramble

Oct 5 Last Chance (9 holes scramble 9 holes chapman)

Oct. 9 Closing Stag



Elks Lodge 1187 Men’s Golf Association ByLaws


ByLaws approved this date supersede all previously approved ByLaws by the Elks Lodge 1187 Men’s Golf Association.


Constitution and By-Laws

Article I Name and Objectives

Section I — Name

This Association shall be known as the Elks Lodge 1187 Men’s Golf Association and shall be referred to as The Association.


Fiscal Year

The Association Fiscal Year will be From November 1 to October 31.


Section III — Objectives

The objectives of The Association shall be


1 To hold a minimum of two meetings annually and the Annual Meeting to be conducted in November.

2      To develop an annual budget to be approved by the membership at the Annual Meeting

3 To hold a variety of tournaments for members, spouses, children and non-members of the Elks Lodge 1187.

4 To hold other events related to the enjoyment and betterment of the Association and golf course.

5 To provide a means to establish handicaps, collect association dues and fees as deemed necessary by the membership of the Association.



Article II Eligibility and Dues

Section I — Eligibility

In order to become a member of The Association, the applicant must:

1 Be a member of Rapid City Elks Lodge 1187 in good standing.

2     Be a male child or grandchild under 21 years of age of a member.

Section II — Dues

1 Annual Dues will be set at the Annual meeting each year. The amount will be recommended by the officers and approved by the members present.  Dues are to be paid by all members who want to participate in Association tournaments and events.

2 Payment of dues is required each year before participation in an association tournament or event.  Weekly scrambles and the Derby are Association events.

3     An Elks member who holds a handicap card from another golf course can join the Elks Men’s Association for the Elks Association fee only.


Section III — Hole in One’s (made by a Member of the Association) Rules

1 Eligibility of an ace to receive benefits from the hole-in-one;

1 Hole-in-one prize applies only current members of the Men’s Association who are in good standing.

2 The ace must be witnessed to be eligible for prize.

3 The scorecard must be turned in to the pro-shop with 2 signatures. One from the player who made the ace and at least one playing partner who witnessed the ace.

4     A $50 gift certificate will be issued to the member which can be used at either at the Pro Shop or the Lodge Restaurant.

4 Every hole-in-one by a male association member will be awarded $50 at the Lodge for fountain beer or well drinks for any member that day only.  The pro shop will let the lounge bar know to create a $50 tab for the day in honor of the member who got the ace.




Article III Activities

Section I

1 There shall be opening and closing stags.

2 There shall be golf tournaments and events held at the discretion of the Golf Pro and the Association Membership.

3 All dues and monies raised by the Men’s Association must be spent at or for Elks 1187 Lodge, Association events, members, or the golf course.

4 The Association must maintain a minimum of $100.00 in the bank account at year-end to carry over for the following year.


Article IV Board of Directors

Section I

The Board of Directors shall consist of four Officers.

▪ President

▪ Vice President

▪ Treasurer

▪ Secretary


  1.   Purpose

1 Conduct the business of the Association during the Fiscal Year.

2 Provide tournaments and events to support the membership and course.

3 Sponsor an annual Club Golf Championship for Association members in good standing.  Participants must be a Member of the Elks Lodge 1187. Must be a member of the Association.  Must have an established handicap having posted a score of at least 10 rounds in the fiscal year.

4      Sponsor an annual Junior Club Championship open to children and grandchildren under age 21 (male and female) of Elks 1187 members in good standing.


  1.   Tournament Committee


The Men’s Association shall form an annual tournament committee.  The committee shall consist of a minimum of five members: The Elks Golf Pro, the Association President and Vice-President, two at-large members of the Men’s Association, the Chairman of the Lodge Golf Committee and an ad-hoc member of the Women’s Association.  Additional members may be added as needed.


The purpose of the committee will be to:

  1. Determine the number of the two Associations sponsored tournaments and dates.
  2. Define participation rules, format, entree fee(s) and awards.
  3. Determine format for Tournament of Champions.  The Bob Malone Club Championship, Women’s Association Club Championship and the Junior Club Championships.
  4. These Members will serve as the Elks Golf Protest Committee.
  5. These Members will serve as the Elks Handicap Committee.




Article II Elections

Section I

1 Elections will be held at the Annual meeting in November each year.

2 Officers elected shall be by floor nomination and seconded.

3 Nomination shall not exceed three candidates for each office.

4 The offers shall be duly elected by a majority of those present and voting and shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

5 Term of officers shall be for (2) years.

6 Non-Association Members may not hold office in the Men’s Association.

7 One vote per Member present.


Article IV Duties of Officers

Section I

  1. President

1 Shall preside over all regular meetings.

2 Shall suggest committees to the membership.




  1. Vice President

1 Shall assist President in all duties.

2 Shall assume all duties of the President in his absence.



  1. Treasurer

1 Shall record and document all monies of The Association.

2 Shall publish a Financial Report, due at each meeting.

3 Collect Fees

4     Shall suggest disbursement of funds to the membership present for approval.


  1. VP / Secretary

1 Shall provide for the taking of minutes at all meetings.

2 Shall be responsible for all correspondence.


Article V Order of Business

Section I

The order of business shall be observed at all meetings as follows:

1 Roll Call

2 Reading of minutes from the previous meeting

3 Treasurer’s Report

4 Old Business

5 New Business

6 Election of officers at Annual Meeting only

7 Adjournment


Article VI Amendments

Section I

Any member may recommend amendments to the Constitution or By-Laws as follows:

1 Amendment must be submitted in writing thirty (30) days prior to a scheduled meeting

2 Amendments must be ratified by two-thirds of members present and voting.




Breaking News

Work on the new pro shop is nearing completion! I hope to be in there by late May!

Watch for Member Guest Applications coming out soon!